January 21, 2014: Learning from Ice Skating

Yesterday, we went ice skating — most of the youth with us. It was my first time.

The moment I stepped on the ice was the moment I knew I lost all control of whatever “solid ground” I knew before. As Owen stepped on struggling toward the direction of the other skaters, I waddle behind him, struggling to stand up and keep my balance in this new sensation of less control. That was scary. Toni Rose and Lean kept checking up on me, occasionally giving me instructions on the basic “how to’s”.

I was reminded of the first time I rode a bike. My hands were shaking, barely able to control the direction of where I was going. This time though, my feet were shaking, and I could barely keep my balance.

Push with your other foot, and slide forward with the other.

That was what they kept on saying.

The sensation of losing control or rather, a sense of security, is scary for me. Every time I took a stride, I put my faith on that little piece of metal blade on the bottom of my skates to keep me on balance. Funny, it’s kinda like our faith and relationship with God. Taking that leap of entrusting Jesus with our lives, is kinda like taking that first stride. Once you push yourself forward with your other foot, you are solely relying on the gliding foot to keep you on the path– then you rest on the hands of Physics to keep you safe.

I fell the first time on my butt, and it hurt a lot. I wish I had more cushion. Haha. Anyway, that first time I fell down, I started praying to God “Lord please help me”. As if I was having a conversation with him as I skated. Needless to say, I fell a lot of times. Landing on and hurting in several places. Perhaps the most serious is when I fell flat on my back and hit my head. I was dazed for a few minutes. Thankfully though, I was not alone…

Lean was there for the most part, guiding me through and picking me up whenever I fell down. Toni Rose was occasionally running circles around me. I don’t know if it was her way of motivating me or mocking me subtly. I’d like to think it was the former.

Kuya Mics, you can do it!

Are you okay, Mico?

They would tell me.

Perhaps that was what kept me driving onwards… that every time I fell down I would stand up, and they would be there cheering me on.

This kinda struck me. I am not alone in this. Lately, that was a prevailing feeling. That I was alone, a stranger amidst a family. Now I know that the enemy is the one feeding me that lie, and that what happened yesterday was proof enough that I am part of this family. God has my back, and so much so that he placed people in my life who have my back as well.

In the same way, every time we fall down, slip, make a mistake… Jesus is just waiting for us to hold His hand so that He can pick us back up. All we really have to do is to hold on tight.

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