January 22, 2014: Is it wrong to dream?

We’ve been reading through Joseph’s story in the past few days. Today, while reading through it, a question came into my mind.

Was it wrong that Joseph was favored more than his brothers? Was it a fault on Jacob’s part that he had loved Joseph more than the others? Was it a fault on Joseph’s part that he did things that was very pleasing to his father?

It took me aback. Is it wrong to be ambitious? Why is it that people despise people who are more zealous for the things of God? Or who are simply doing things that he thought was good…

One thought on “January 22, 2014: Is it wrong to dream?

  1. I look at it like this. Yes Joseph was destined for great things. But he should not have really shared this dream so openly with his brothers. Even if he held no ill will in sharing, in a situation like that there is no way to interpret it as pride or boasting. Or even if he was justified in the first sharing, the second dream was not meant to be shared. It clearly was the same message if not even bigger as it involved Joseph being placed at a position above even his own father and to share such a revelation with his father present was not proper. Knowing the message was similar and knowing their reaction to the first time, why did he choose to share it again?

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