Friendship: Moments that matter

Last Sunday, I went to Baltimore to meet with the YST. Kuya Mike said it was “Mandatory”, I have never heard him use that term before, so it has to be THAT important. So I had resolved to go, but also knew that Lean would be preaching that day– I didn’t want to miss that either.

So I arrived a little before 12:30, I was nervously counting time because I did not want to miss it. I was still a little groggy from sleeping late last night. I was out at the Villanueva’s getting carried away talking to Tita Rose. So we started a little later, Kuya Mike arrived with food, we ate and all that. Soon we settled down and started the meeting.

How can we bring the church out to the unreached?

That was the question that struck me. We had been too caught up bringing people in, that we forgot that we could bring church out instead. Church has been too focused of churchy things that we had forgotten why we are here and what we are meant to do in the first place. Kuya Mike asked a couple of people to think of ways to reach the unreached.

Among the suggestions is friendship evangelism. (One that had gotten me thinking)

Often times we approach evangelism as some kind of scripted thing. The way we talk, the words we use, the things we do… have become too “religious” that we’re missing the whole point of bringing Christ, and being that light to people. Kuya Mike began to speak, and one of the things I remember him say that day was this, “The most important thing about friendship evangelism is that we be there for that person during the most important times.” He turned to look at me, and tapped me on my knee, “That means if he’s preaching, you better be there.” We both laughed, at first I thought he referred to me — He went to support me when I preached. But then I remembered Lean, “Ah yes, I definitely have to be there.” So we concluded the meeting at around 2:00pm, and I drove 80mph back to Rockville and made it! (I even joked to him that I broke the speed limit just to make it in time. Haha-)

All of this reminded me of the moments that truly mattered in my life. It was those days when I didn’t know what to do, and Kuya Mike for advice. Those simple hang out times with my brothers and sisters in faith at Baltimore. The moments when I felt that I finally belonged. The moments when they pulled me through a hard time. Sometimes, “being there” was just enough.

Sometimes we don’t even have to say a word to minister to the people around us. Our mere presence, or just simply just loving on them can already move mountains.

It was those moments that matter.

One thought on “Friendship: Moments that matter

  1. haha, well thank you for showing up.

    most definitely the best evangelisms we can have are not done by words but by actions. Showing and sharing the love of God is much more impactful by example rather than by words

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