January 21, 2014: Learning from Ice Skating

Yesterday, we went ice skating — most of the youth with us. It was my first time. The moment I stepped on the ice was the moment I knew I lost all control of whatever “solid ground” I knew before. As Owen stepped on struggling toward the direction of the other skaters, I waddle behind… Continue reading January 21, 2014: Learning from Ice Skating

January 16, 2014: Deja Vu

Reflecting on a previous reading again. Taking it in a little slowly lately. Nevertheless! Not stopping… Making Mistakes The bible is full of imperfect people. Even in the book of Genesis alone, it started with Adam and Eve–Then Cain, then Lot, then Abraham, etc… Notice that earlier in Genesis, Abraham was caught several times lying–saying… Continue reading January 16, 2014: Deja Vu